Top 10 Best Locations in Jaipur for Shoot Music Videos, Pre-wedding & Photography 

Welcome to Jaipur, the ancient royal city of India! Our journey from Pushkar took us through modern streets until we reached the heart of the old walled city, where history comes alive. Garth, our photographer, fell in love with Jaipur’s endless photo opportunities. Here are our top 10 Best Places to Shoot Music Videos, Pre-wedding & Album Songs Destinations in Jaipur. Join us on a virtual tour of Instagrammable spots and other cool things to do in Jaipur! 📸✨

About Jaipur – India’s Royal Pink City

Discover Jaipur, India’s Royal Pink City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its pristine Rajasthan architecture. At its heart, you’ll find a mesmerizing array of sandstone, terracotta, and pink-painted buildings. This iconic hue, chosen by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II to honor Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales in 1876, remains a cherished tradition. Today, the city’s charm still lies in its rosy glow, as the law mandates the use of pink paint throughout. 🏰🌸

Top 10 Shoot Music Videos and Pre-wedding Locations In Jaipur
1. Ramesh Film City- Best Pre-wedding Location

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2. Hawa Mahal – The Palace of Winds

Our first stop was the iconic Hawa Mahal, a mesmerizing palace built in 1799 from pink and red sandstone. Resembling the Ministry of Magic from Harry Potter, it boasts 365 lattice windows, one for each day of the year, designed to create a cooling breeze (Hawa).

These windows were used by the women of the Royal family to observe daily life and processions without being seen. Inside, it features a simple courtyard, ramps, a fountain, and a small museum. Best photographed from the outside, we enjoyed stunning views from The Wind View Cafe opposite, a popular spot for photographers and Instagrammers. Nearby, Tattoo Cafe offered another great vantage point for high-angle photos, where we relaxed with a Coke and soaked in the ambiance.

This area attracts many hawkers targeting tourists, including snake charmers, so stay vigilant. One cafe owner was particularly persistent, following us and offering to take our photos in exchange for visiting his cafe.

The atmosphere here is bustling and noisy, with locals shouting and constant tuk-tuk horns blaring. It’s a classic chaotic moment in India that we had read about. Phil found the noise overwhelming, so we retreated to our hotel for some peace. Remember, it’s okay to take a break if you’re feeling culture shock.

3. Amber Fort

The iconic Amber Fort, also known as Amer Fort, stands as Jaipur’s most prominent landmark. Situated in Amer, approximately 7 miles from the city center, it’s a 30-minute tuk-tuk ride away. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, constructed in the 16th century over 100 years, sprawls across four levels with distinct courtyards.

Renowned as one of Rajasthan’s finest forts, its grandeur truly impresses visitors. Ascending the 500+ steps to the top, alongside decorated elephants, unveils breathtaking views. However, we advocate against elephant rides, believing animals shouldn’t be used for tourism.

Plan for at least 3 hours to explore thoroughly. Upon entering the fort, you’ll encounter Jaleb Chowk, the first courtyard, once a gathering place for the king’s soldiers and a site of royal worship. Beware of hawkers and musicians seeking attention – a polite but firm ‘no thanks’ suffices if uninterested.

4. Jal Mahal

As you journey back to Jaipur from Amber Fort, don’t forget to ask your tuk-tuk driver to pause for breathtaking photos of the Jal Mahal palace. Situated amidst Lake Man Sagar, with the Rahargarh Hills as its backdrop, Jal Mahal, meaning “Water Palace,” offers a picturesque sight not to be missed.

5. City Palace

Situated in Jaipur’s historic district is the City Palace, commissioned by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in 1729. Expanded over time by subsequent Maharajas, it now comprises various wings and pavilions. Entry to the palace, including access to the museum showcasing royal artifacts and miniature paintings, costs 700 INR (£7.10). Visitors can admire the meticulously adorned courtyards and witness the impeccably uniformed guards, though photography is permitted only in designated areas due to the palace’s current occupation by the Maharajah of Jaipur. While still impressive, we found the City Palace in Udaipur to be more captivating. Certain sections may be off-limits at times due to the palace’s occasional use as a wedding venue, adding to its allure.

The palace’s grand pink walls adorned with tasteful decorations showcase a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles. A highlight is the Pritam Niwas Chowk inner courtyard, featuring four stunning peacock-themed entrance gates representing the four seasons and Hindu deities:

  1. The Peacock Gate, adorned with peacock motifs, symbolizes autumn and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
  2. The Lotus Gate, embellished with lotus petals and flower patterns, signifies summer and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  3. The Green Gate or Leheriya Gate, representing the color of spring, is dedicated to Lord Ganesh.
  4. The Rose Gate, featuring repeating rose patterns, depicts winter and is dedicated to Goddess Devi.
6. Jantar Mantar

Adjacent to the City Palace lies an open-air astronomical observatory, constructed in 1734 by Maharaja Jai Singh, an avid astronomer who also established observatories in Delhi and Varanasi, totaling five across Northern India.

Jantar Mantar, Jaipur’s second UNESCO World Heritage Site, features 19 colossal and peculiar structures designed to measure time with precision down to 5 seconds and track planetary movements. The primary stone sundial stands as the world’s largest. The avant-garde appearance of these geometric structures adds to the site’s allure.

The ingenuity behind these instruments is truly astounding, leaving Phil fascinated by the engineering marvel. It evokes memories of the awe-inspiring Chichen Itza in Mexico, reflecting the Mayans’ shared passion for astronomy.

Jantar Mantar serves as an excellent backdrop for abstract photography, with its unique instrument shapes offering endless opportunities for unconventional compositions.

7. Shopping Scene at Chandpole Bazaar

In Jaipur’s Old City, immerse yourself in the bustling markets open seven days a week. Chandpole Bazaar, nearly 300 years old, stands as one of Jaipur’s finest markets, stretching between Choti Chapuad and the Chandpol Gate.

Our aim was not to shop but to capture the essence of this vibrant market through photography. Surprisingly, it became one of our favorite experiences in Jaipur, as we were enchanted by the sights, smells, and sounds along the bustling streets. The shaded pavements offer respite from the scorching sun, while the lively atmosphere is filled with locals going about their daily routines. Exercise caution in crowded and chaotic areas, ensuring the safety of your belongings.

We were captivated by the exotic aromas emanating from spice shops, sweet stalls, and street food vendors. The intensity of the chili shop left us breathless. Amidst the diverse offerings, we even stumbled upon a coffin shop, showcasing the eclectic range of goods available in this vibrant market.

Jaipur’s Most Popular Bazaars
  • Sireh Deori Bazaar – For textiles, puppets, and Indian shoes called joothis.
  • Bapu Bazaar – Popular for leather goods including camel leather slippers & textiles.
  • Johri Bazaar – For jewellery and traditional Rajasthani ornaments.
  • Tripolia Bazaar – For antiques and handicraft items.
  • Chandpole Bazar – Clothes, saris, and wholesale loose foods.
  • Nehru Bazaar – For jootis, bangles and necklaces.
8. traditional Haveli

During our stay in Jaipur, we lodged at The Bissau Palace, the city’s oldest heritage hotel. This traditional Haveli exuded the grandeur of a bygone era, making us feel like Maharajas. Havelis, ancient merchant houses, boast exquisite architecture, lavish décor, and charming courtyards with fountains. Each evening, we found solace in the tranquility of the Haveli, away from the bustling streets outside. As the call to prayer echoed at 6pm, we watched kites gracefully dancing in the sky, a serene spectacle from our sanctuary.

Other Jaipur Attractions & Things To Do
  • Albert Hall Museum – The best preserved and oldest museum in Rajasthan.
  • Birla Temple – Marble Hindu temple devoted to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Jaigarh Fort & Nahargarh Fort – Good for sunsets and taking in panoramic views.
  • Galta Ji Temple – Or as locals call it Monkey Temple.
  • Patrika Gate – An Instagrammers favourite spot for loads of colour.
9. Nahargarh Biological Park

A lush green oasis with diverse flora and fauna, offering a natural and tranquil backdrop for shooting soulful music videos and ethereal album songs amidst nature.

10. Neemrana Fort Palace

Located near Jaipur, this heritage hotel features ancient architecture, picturesque courtyards, and panoramic views, offering a romantic and luxurious setting for shooting elegant music videos and pre-wedding scenes.


These top 10 locations in Jaipur provide diverse backdrops ranging from historic forts and palaces to vibrant markets and serene natural landscapes, catering to a variety of themes and aesthetics for music videos, pre-wedding shoots, and album songs.

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