9 Things to Consider During a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

In today’s digital age, social media serves as a global showcase. It’s common to open your favorite app and find an array of enchanting couple photos flooding your feed: a pair posing against a sunset backdrop by the Eiffel Tower or another couple leisurely strolling around the Taj Mahal at sunrise.

These digital encounters have infused an aspirational essence into documenting love stories, particularly through pre-wedding photography. For many, it’s an opportunity to momentarily escape their everyday lives and immerse themselves in a dream, preserving it as a cherished memory for a lifetime.

Reflecting on India, I’ve witnessed firsthand the burgeoning popularity of pre-wedding photography since the advent of Facebook in the early 2000s. A simple photoshoot at Hawa Mahal in Jaipur could captivate screens across the country, igniting a trend that spread like wildfire.

The rise of Instagram further amplified this phenomenon. Today, pre-wedding photography has evolved into a highly anticipated event for every couple, a chance to craft their fairy tale.

For aspiring wedding photographers, the challenge lies in meeting couples’ expectations while crafting distinctive themes for their pre-wedding shoots. Drawing on insights from someone immersed in this art for over a decade, both in India and globally, here’s how you can navigate and excel in this creative realm.

1. Start Talking

When a client first contacts you to capture their special day, introduce them to your pre-wedding photography service and the myriad creative options it offers. Take the time to explain your approach to designing pre-wedding shoots, ensuring clarity without assuming prior knowledge.

Next, gauge their preference for a grand production or a more intimate session, and whether they envision capturing portraits exclusively on the wedding day. By understanding the couple’s comfort level, desires, and expectations, you can tailor the scale and style of the shoot accordingly.

2. Choosing the Dates for an Outdoor Pre-wedding Photoshoot

For optimal results, a pre-wedding photography session should ideally take place at least a month before the wedding festivities commence. This allows ample time for thorough planning and preparation, ensuring the couple can fully engage without distractions from guests or other commitments.

When discussing dates for an extensive pre-wedding photoshoot, it’s advisable to steer clear of scheduling it too close to or on the wedding day. This separation ensures both the couple and photographer can focus on creating something unique and memorable without the stress of a packed schedule.

I find it beneficial to conduct a pre-wedding outdoor photoshoot over two days rather than one. This approach enables more elaborate planning with multiple themes, locations, and wardrobe changes. It also provides flexibility to adapt and refine the shoot on the second day, accommodating any unforeseen adjustments from the initial plan.

3. Develop a Mood Board as a Reference for the Shoot

Once you have a clear understanding of the client’s expectations, as well as the scale and scope of the shoot, you can begin crafting a detailed shoot plan. Start by assembling a mood board featuring 30-40 inspiring pre-wedding photos sourced globally.

Include a variety of styles such as Western, ethnic, casual, and everyday themes to allow the couple to identify outfits and themes that resonate most with them. Concurrently, encourage the couple to share their collection of reference images. These images will provide insights into their preferred locations, attire, and desired moods.

The mood board serves as a foundational tool to establish a visual dialogue that aligns both the photographer and the client. Once mutual understanding is achieved, collaborate on developing a visual concept tailored specifically for the couple’s pre-wedding photography session.

4. Selecting Ideal Locations for the Shoot

The next step involves determining whether the couple prefers their pre-wedding shoot to take place at the destination of their dreams or closer to home. Using insights from the mood board and the couple’s destination preferences, begin selecting suitable locations. Conduct thorough research on each potential location. If feasible, visit these spots in advance to identify unique textures, colors, landscapes, patterns, and frames that would complement the shoot. For instance, consider tranquil lakes with emerald waters, charming Airbnbs with elegant decor, or rustic farmhouses on the outskirts of the city.

Opt for 2 to 4 locations that align with the chosen themes and outfits for the pre-wedding photography session. Factor in logistics such as timing, photography permits, and any specific requirements related to each location.

Meanwhile, the couple can begin narrowing down outfit options for the shoot.

5. Selecting Attire for the Pre-wedding Photography Session

The choice of outfits for the couple hinges on several factors including the time of day, the color scheme of the location, and the desired mood. For instance, if the shoot takes place in a forest setting, vibrant colors like yellows, reds, or maroons can make the couple stand out against the natural backdrop. Drawing from the creative ideas discussed, assist the couple by guiding them to select attire that harmonizes with the envisioned frames and enhances the overall visual narrative.

6. Enhancing the Shoot with Props, Accessories, and Makeup

Props and accessories can elevate a simple pre-wedding photography shoot into a magical experience. Consider enhancing the bride’s wardrobe with rings, earrings, or other adornments, and adding distinctive elements like caps or cufflinks to the groom’s attire to boost their style and confidence. Depending on the location, incorporate items such as champagne bottles, firecrackers, or vibrant flowers to infuse color and sparkle into the frames. Introducing activities that resonate with the couple’s shared interests can add depth, blending fiction and real-life experiences seamlessly.

Additionally, emphasize to the couple the importance of engaging a professional makeup and hair team for the shoot. A polished appearance can significantly enhance the overall quality of the photos, ensuring that the visual essence of the shoot is fully realized. Should they opt against professional assistance, make sure they understand the potential impact on the outcome of their pre-wedding photos, setting clear expectations accordingly.

Tip: Create a cohesive narrative by outlining each look with sketches. Visualize the couple’s attire, activities, the time of day for shooting, and any props that will enrich the storyline.

7. Detailed Planning of the Schedule

Once all details are confirmed, compile an itinerary for the couple and your team. Outline arrival times at the location, allocate specific time slots for makeup and outfit changes, schedule breaks for meals, and account for any other necessary arrangements. This itinerary will act as a structured guide, ensuring a seamless and organized pre-wedding photography session.

8. Preparing Essential Items for the Shoot Day

The day before the shoot, create a checklist and pack essential items to ensure everyone’s comfort and convenience. Alongside batteries, chargers, lenses, and other photography equipment, consider including necessities like water bottles, wet wipes, fresh fruits, snacks, and a first-aid kit for emergencies. Additionally, bring along a pose booklet that can be referenced for inspiration if needed during the session with the couple.

Pre-wedding shoot locations
9. Achieving Flawless Execution of the Pre-wedding Photography Shoot

Finally, it’s the big day! After weeks of planning this pre-wedding photography shoot, wake up with positivity and a cheerful spirit. Embrace the joy of capturing a love story and remain unaffected by any minor challenges.

On the day itself, focus on the final preparations to ensure a smooth shoot. Align closely with your clients to create an experience they will cherish. To help them feel at ease, consider preparing a playlist of their favorite songs in advance and playing it during the session. Communicating effectively, inspiring the couple, and ensuring they feel valued are essential skills often overlooked but crucial for success in pre-wedding photography.

I trust these insights and tips will assist you in organizing and executing a photoshoot that exceeds the couple’s expectations. This occasion is one they have eagerly anticipated for months or even years. As a dedicated artist, it’s your role to deliver their vision with creativity, imagination, and visual finesse. Let this guide inspire you towards achieving that goal.

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In conclusion, a pre-wedding photoshoot is a significant opportunity to capture the essence of a couple’s love and excitement before their wedding day. By carefully considering factors such as location, timing, outfits, props, and client comfort, photographers can create memorable and meaningful images that resonate with the couple.

Flexibility, creativity, and effective communication are key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Ultimately, a well-planned and executed pre-wedding photoshoot not only captures beautiful moments but also contributes to the couple’s cherished memories of their journey towards marriage.

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